Custom-created 3D and immersive experiences, presentations and apps.

> Promote projects or products
> Communicate plans and outcomes
> Train employees and customers

For Infrastructure, Environment and Industry.

Count on Clirio to create a full range of media and applications for virtual and augmented reality.

We can convert your existing data into 3D scenes, or custom create full applications that tell your story in a compelling and intuitive way.

Our team of designers, artists, and software engineers will work with you, from concept to deployment, to deliver exceptionally engaging next-generation communications.

Why Immersive?

  • Enable visceral, experiential understanding and connection
  • Simplify and untangle complex topics
  • Intuitively grasp spatial relationships at large scale
  • Engage with memorable shared experiences – capture attention and imagination
  • Signal a positive intent for rich and meaningful dialogue

Our clients

What Our Clients Say

I truly feel that we have found a great tool for communicating to stakeholders and helping project staff in their own work, especially in the underground

Chris MacInnis, Manager, (CIRNAC)

My first experience, with 4 other expert panel members, allowed us to see and discuss specific features or details shown on the model that could not have happened otherwise.

Kenneth A. Johnson, PhD, CEG, PE, WSP, USA

The overall benefits of this technology for technical professionals, including engineers, geologists, biologists and other professionals, but also for non-technical stakeholders, cannot be overstated

Sebastian Cohen, Area Construction Engineer, Caltrans


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Clirio View and Clirio Scan are mobile applications that work together to give you a powerful suite of tools to capture, organize, and share field notes and data. Clirio users employ the app to collect notes, photos and even 3D scans (using the laser scanner built into a new iPad or iPhone Pro). These field observations are automatically geo-referenced within the map-based workspace and managed in a secure cloud database.